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Landlite 20th Anniversary

scanning:68 time:2017-10-20

CELers are proud to announce our 20th anniversary. We take this opportunity to thank all who ever loved and cared CEL in the past 20 years.
To celebrate it, CEL has prepared a list of programs and activities with gratitude to share this wonderful moment with all friends.
A short but joyful marathon, a small but solemn flag-raising ceremony, followed by happy company photo-taking were giving everyone a memorable morning (see below)

An Oscar-style red-carpet walking and a cocktail party started the 2nd part of celebration in the afternoon and evening.

After Mr. CHEN Gang and two distinguished guests delivered opening speeches, special activities and aesthetic performances were presented.

Long-served employee’ medal-award giving

Hourglass Launch

Opening ballet dance

Song of Firefly light

Talk show Wash Date

Indian dance Twenty Years

Light show Our story

Boxing dance I know Kung Fu

Drama Story of Monkey King

Dance Dunhuang Flying

Short film Long long ago before 2046

Company chorus See you next year

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